Wild Honey Dreaming

CODE: WHD The shakuhachi and the didjeridu combine to create haunting images of the Centre of Australia and its people, featuring Matthew Doyle. Originally released in 1993

Water Music

CODE: WM Solo shakuhachi recorded in the Sydney Centennial Park Reservoir. These meditations are in the spirit of traditional “Zen” music.

Waltzing Matilda

CODE: WMGS A ten minute single of two well-known pieces performed by Riley on shakuhachi and Marshall McGuire on harp.  

Spring Sea

CODE: SS Beguiling melodies for shakuhachi and concert harp, performed by the masterful Marshall McGuire. First released on Sound of Bamboo label in 1998.


CODE: SR Volume VII of the seven CD series of honkyoku, “Yearning for the Bell”. Pieces include Murasakino Reibo, Banji, Shôganken reibo, and the title track Chôshi (Searching).  

Shakuhachi Water Meditations

CODE: SWM Originally called “Sea Drift”, this recording of solo shakuhachi, made for the installation of the sculpture Sea Raft #3, by Ross Mellick in 1996. Features Ross Edwards’ Raftsong at Sunrise, Riley’s composition, Adrift on... read more


CODE: SAT A classic recording of original works by Riley for solo shakuhachi. First released in 1982 on Narada label.  


CODE: SANC The best selling album in the USA in recent years. Original duets for shakuhachi and koto.  A re-release of a recording called Evening Mist, recorded in 1984

Picture Dreams

CODE: PD Riley and Satsuki Odamura play their favourite shakuhachi and koto duets. First released in 1997.