Spring Sea

CODE: SS Beguiling melodies for shakuhachi and concert harp, performed by the masterful Marshall McGuire. First released on Sound of Bamboo label in 1998.


CODE: SR Volume VII of the seven CD series of honkyoku, “Yearning for the Bell”. Pieces include Murasakino Reibo, Banji, Shôganken reibo, and the title track Chôshi (Searching).  

Shakuhachi Water Meditations

CODE: SWM Originally called “Sea Drift”, this recording of solo shakuhachi, made for the installation of the sculpture Sea Raft #3, by Ross Mellick in 1996. Features Ross Edwards’ Raftsong at Sunrise, Riley’s composition, Adrift on... read more


CODE: SAT A classic recording of original works by Riley for solo shakuhachi. First released in 1982 on Narada label.  


CODE: SANC The best selling album in the USA in recent years. Original duets for shakuhachi and koto.  A re-release of a recording called Evening Mist, recorded in 1984

Picture Dreams

CODE: PD Riley and Satsuki Odamura play their favourite shakuhachi and koto duets. First released in 1997.

Phoenix Crying

CODE: PC Volume VI of the seven CD series of honkyoku, “Yearning for the Bell”. Pieces include Futaiken reibo, Echigo san’ya, and the title track, Hokyo kokû (Phoenix Crying in the Empty Sky).

Oriental Sunrise

CODE: OS One of Riley’s best selling albums, first released in 1982 and completely re-recorded for release on CD in 1986. Original duets for shakuhachi and koto.