Phoenix Crying

CODE: PC Volume VI of the seven CD series of honkyoku, “Yearning for the Bell”. Pieces include Futaiken reibo, Echigo san’ya, and the title track, Hokyo kokû (Phoenix Crying in the Empty Sky).

Oriental Sunrise

CODE: OS One of Riley’s best selling albums, first released in 1982 and completely re-recorded for release on CD in 1986. Original duets for shakuhachi and koto.


CODE: NA Shakuhachi and folk harp (Andy Rigby) interwoven with ocean sounds. One of Riley’s favourite albums.  


CODE: ES Volume 3 of the “Yearning for the Bell” series. 7 volumes of traditional Zen pieces on the Tall Poppies label


French impressionist music by Ravel, Satie, Debussy, Faure and Tournier; a new sacred work by Ann Boyd, and several duets by Japanese composers Fukuda and Kozu, performed by Riley on shakuhachi and Marshall McGuire on harp....


CODE: AL Meditative pieces composed by Riley Lee for solo shakuhachi. Originally released in 1998 as Alone with the Master of Calm.


CODE: HKThe third Riley/Jeff CD on the Hula label, and already a best seller in Hawai’i. New and classics all with great harmonies. Featuring the slack key guitar of Jeff Peterson. Originally on Hula Records  


CODE: HL Released February 2008, distributed by Mountain Apple. Featuring the slack key guitar of Jeff Peterson. Haleakala, a dormant volcano and the most prominent feature of the island of Maui, is a very special place....