In this unique DVD, Riley Lee leads you through a series of simple breathing exercises to promote health, vitality and wellbeing. Ten exercises, with in-depth discussions.

Watch as Riley Lee discusses the importance of correct breathing technique and participate as he demonstrates the following ten breathing and visualisation exercises.

  • Deep Panting Breath
  • Shallow Panting Breath
  • Power Breath
  • “C” Breath
  • Held Exhalation
  • Standing Breath
  • Candle Blowing Breath
  • Silk Thread Breath
  • Awareness Breath
  • Meditation Breath

To download a pdf file of Riley’s “Breathing Workshop” flier, click here. This flier gives brief descriptions of many of the breathing exercises on the BREATHE! DVD. It is formated to be printed out on two sides of one sheet of paper, with three folds.