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Revised Draft Page_Shakuhachi copy

Draft Publicity for ASF2015 for Redland Performing Art Centre Newsletter



WSF08 programme cover

World Shakuhachi Festival 2008 programme cover



WSF08 programme back cover

WSF2008 programme book back cover



ASF2004 flier

Publicity Flier for Australian Shakuhachi Festival 2004


Outdoor concert ASF2003

Free outdoor concert at Southbank, Brisbane, during ASF2003


ASF2003 Group

Group photograph ASF2003


ASF2003 flier

Publicity flier for ASF2003


ASF2002 flier

Publicity for ASF2002 (Melbourne)



Sample #1  The following recording is one example of  the traditional pieces that will be performed and taught at ASF2015  public concerts and workshops. Suzuru – Cranes Nesting performed by Riley Lee

Sample #2  The following recording is one example of the modern pieces that will be performed and taught at ASF2015 public concerts and workshops. Raftsong at Sunrise by Ross Edwards, performed by Riley Lee.




Video link: excerpts from two concerts during WSF2008, showing Aboriginal performer Matthew Doyle with shakuhachi players playing traditional piece Tamuke, and modern ensemble piece Metamorphosis, by Ichiro Seki. Both are  examples of music to be taught and performed during ASF2015. Note: this is the same video as the link provided separately as ‘Artistic Support Material’.