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I have been teaching via the internet for several years. I must be getting better at it, as I don’t find this type of teaching as stressful as it was in the beginning. Also, internet connections and speeds are improving. More importantly, I do see and hear progress with my “Internet students”.

Real-time lessons over the internet are certainly better than no lessons at all.

They are also an improvement over previous long distance teaching methods. I can  show you things much faster than I can explain them. I can point out areas for improvement (e.g., wrong notes, timing, pitch) immediately and let you know if you’re corrected the problem. Importantly, they are at specific times, so neither you nor I can procrastinate.

In the 1990s, one remarkable student did become a good player by mailing me cassettes of his playing. I would listen, take notes and then respond in a new cassette, which I’d mail back to him. All too frequently however, his most recent lesson cassette would stare accusingly at me from my desk. My guilt for putting it off until ‘tomorrow’ would eventually overcome my delay tactics. By the way, this patient student did supplement his cassette lessons with face-to-face lessons at least once a year.

Please contact me via email if you are interested in lessons via the internet.

For those of you who are having  lessons via the internet, you can use the Paypal button below for payments (AUS$).

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