Shakuhachi Resources

Website of the Australian Shakuhachi Society. Information on the Australian Shakuhachi Festivals and other ASS activities.
The vast and well designed site of the International Shakuhachi Society. Much information of performers, pieces, recordings and other data.
Taihei shakuhachi. The first and biggest commercial site dedicated to the shakuhachi and other related instruments. Put together by Monty Levenson, it features instruments, recordings, sheet music, books, tour details, and other information.
The site of TaikOz, Australia’s taiko (Japanese festival drums) group, founded by Ian Cleworth and Riley Lee.
The site of the Shakuhachi Summer Camp of the Rockies.
The site of our friends at the Sydney Flute Festival.
Site of David Brown, Australia’s maker of excellent shakuhachi.
Site of Taro Miura, shakuhachi maker and poet.
Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin teaches shakuhachi throughout the USA.
A public service site, listing shakuhachi instruments that are for sale.
The site of Gunnar Linder.
The site of Bronwyn Kirkpatrick.
Mejiro Co. Ltd, a store in Tokyo that caters to shakuhachi enthusiasts worldwide.
Site of Carl Rathus, who also studied with Sakai Chikuho II in Japan.
Australian Shakuhachi Society’s former newsletter editor, Graham Ranft’s shakuhachi page.
A site about spirituality, in particular the relationships between Buddhist and Christian traditions.
A site featuring a number of shakuhachi recordings.
The site of Peter Ross.
The Hogaku Journal (Japanese language only) caters to the world of traditional Japanese music.
The site of composer (and shakuhachi player) Frances White. Her piece “Birdwing”, for computer and shakuhachi, is beautiful!
The site of shakuhachi player Alcvin Ramos, British Columbia, Canada.
Nelson Zink’s wonderfully informative and eclectic website. Much about the shakuhachi.
This attractive site sells the plastic shakuhachi yuu for beginning players, David Brown’s hardwood shakuhachi, and bamboo shakuhachi by various makers. It also offers a variety of teaching materials.
Site of Tony Lewis – Musician, composer, educator.

Finally, here are three sites dealing with an issue that is pertinent to all shakuhachi players:
Quit Smoking Community and Freedom From Smoking.
Also: Smoking Among College Students
A related site is Addiction Resource.