Dr Riley Lee’s PhD Thesis

YEARNING FOR THE BELL; a study of transmission in the shakuhachi honkyoku tradition. 1992 University of Sydney

This thesis was originally written on an obsolete NEC Japanese word processor using a now defunct program. The following files were prepared from the original ones by James Jennings, after the author was told by a number of professional companies that the floppy discs on which the original files resided were impossible to read and the data lost. Thank you James, for doing the impossible!

There are still a number of issues that have yet to be sorted out, mainly to do with missing illustrations, some unusual kanji, etc. But rather than procrastinate for another ten years, here are the files, imperfections and all. The illustrations will be added in the near future.

Please bring any errors that you might find to our attention, so that we can correct them.

A hard copy of the dissertation, entitled “Yearning for the Bell; A Study of Transmission in the Shakuhachi Honkyoku Tradition” can be ordered through Monty Levenson’s WEBSITE.

The missing images, illustrations, tables, charts and transcriptions will eventually be added to the above chapter files. In the meantime, they can be downloaded as compressed six files. You will need Stuffit Expander (free) to expand the files. There are 248 images.

Choose between three sizes.
The Full Size Images and the Thumbnail Images are both divided into two files.

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