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Franz Kohut regarded narcissism as the final product of the failing efforts of parents to cope with the needs of the child to idealise and to be grandiose (for instance order 100 mcg proventil fast delivery asthma 6 steps, to be omnipotent) generic 100mcg proventil with mastercard asthma definition and pathophysiology. Idealisation is an important developmental path leading to narcissism. This exerts an enormous and all-important influence on the processes of re-internalisation (the processes in which the child re-introduces the objects and their images into his mind) in each of the successive phases. Through these processes, two permanent nuclei of the personality are constructed:The basic, neutralising texture of the psyche, andBoth of them are characterised by an invested instinctual narcissistic cathexis (invested energy of self-love which is instinctual). As he grows, he begins to notice their shortcomings and vices. He withdraws part of the idealising libido from the images of the parents, which is conducive to the natural development of the Superego. This is largely true until the "child" re-internalises the ideal parent image. Also, the very construction of the mental apparatus can be tampered with by traumatic deficiencies and by object losses right through the Oedipal period (and even in latency and in adolescence). The same effect can be attributed to traumatic disappointment by objects. Disturbances leading to the formation of NPD can be thus grouped into:Very early disturbances in the relationship with an ideal object. These lead to a structural weakness of the personality, which develops a deficient and/or dysfunctional stimuli-filtering mechanism. The ability of the individual to maintain a basic narcissistic homeostasis of the personality is damaged. Such a person suffers from diffusive narcissistic vulnerability. A disturbance occurring later in life - but still pre-Oedipally - affects the pre-Oedipal formation of the basic mechanisms for controlling, channelling, and neutralising drives and urges. The nature of the disturbance has to be a traumatic encounter with the ideal object (such as a major disappointment). The symptomatic manifestation of this structural defect is the propensity to re-sexualise drive derivatives and internal and external conflicts, either in the form of fantasies or in the form of deviant acts. A disturbance formed in the Oedipal or even in the early latent phases - inhibits the completion of the Superego idealisation. This is especially true of a disappointment related to an ideal object of the late pre-Oedipal and the Oedipal stages, where the partly idealised external parallel of the newly internalised object is traumatically destroyed. Such a person possesses a set of values and standards, but he is always on the lookout for ideal external figures from whom he aspires to derive the affirmation and the leadership that he cannot get from his insufficiently idealised Superego. Video and chat interviews with Sam Vaknin, self-proclaimed narcissist and expert in narcissism and narcissistic abuse. Extensive collection of videos on narcissism, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and the narcissist. Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited provides comprehensive information on narcissism and the narcissist. Get insight into what makes the narcissist tick, the different types of narcissists, the Narcissistic Personality Disorder diagnosis, narcissism and coexisting psychiatric conditions. Click on any of the arrows to start the video then mouse-over the bottom black bar to see the selection of videos. This playlist contains the following videos:What is Narcissistic SupplyThe Cult of the NarcissistThe Narcissist and the SuperegoClinical Features of NarcissismThe Narcissist and his Relationship with GodCommon Professions of the NarcissistDead Parents of the NarcissistDiagnostic Criteria of Narcissistic Personality DisorderNarcissist False and True SelfIs the Narcissist Legally Insane? Other playlists with videos by Sam Vaknin:We have 2510 guests and 3 members onlineHTTP/1. From kudos like the ones below, to suggestions, bug reports, and even odd anecdotes, the people who use our service are the focus of why we strive for excellence. If you have your own success story to share, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. I love this site and I really think you have a wonderful chat site. The people are very kind and supportive and I get a lot of positive information. My husband was diagnosed as a Manic Depressive in April. His boss shared with me how the job is very stressful, so stressful that many other employees were suffering from depression because of the job.

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