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Taikoz Seven Flowers

New production at City Recital Hall The Flower is the Mind, the seed is technique. Zeami Fushikaden (The Transmission of Style and the Flower) For more details

Diaspora Magazine. April 2001

An interview with Riley Lee in April 2001, largely about TaikOz, Australia’s taiko group co-founded by Riley Lee and Ian Cleworth in 1996. TaikOz was soon to perform for the first time in Japan. I […]

Maui Morning

From the Honolulu Star Bulletin (February 2001): Duo takes favorites in new direction Hula Records International ISLAND EXPATRIATE Riley Lee and Maui-based Jeff Peterson introduce a fresh note in island music as they blend the […]

Buddha’s Dream

From the All Music Guide: Riley Lee’s Buddha’s Dream reaffirms his position as one of the West’s most gifted shakuhachi flute artists – not that it needed reaffirming. The first non-Japanese shakuhachi dai shihan (grand […]

Autumn Field

From the All Music Guide: Riley Lee is one of the most prolific and probably one of the best Western shakuhachi players, having recorded more than 30 CDs. This CD is the fourth of a […]

Wild Honey Dreaming

From the All Music Guide: Many musicians feel free to include the snarly sounds of the didgeridoo on their albums. Few, however, can claim to be a master of the instrument. Wild Honey Dreaming combines […]


From the All Music Guide: Previously released in 1991 on cassette-only under Evening Mist, Sanctuary: Music from a Zen Garden from multi-talented flutist Riley Lee is a stunning look at the musician’s dazzling skill of […]

How much should one spend on a shakuhachi?

In my opinion, one should buy the best instrument one can afford. How much one can afford depends not only upon one’s financial situation, but also one’s commitment to the instrument, and one’s priorities. For […]