New Living Magazine

This interview took place in July 2000 at the time of release of the “Sanctuary” CD. First, I really enjoyed your new CD and wish you much success with it. What inspired you to take […]

On the Couch with Riley Lee. July 2019

Who is Riley Lee?Well, once he was a small and very lucky boy, who was allowed / encouraged by his parents to become anything he wanted to become – but only if he tried to […]

Dumbo Feather Magazine. 2013

Riley Lee is a grandmaster Interview by Berry Liberman Zen and the art of Shakuhachi seem an impossible path for a Chinese-American boy born in Texas in 1951, who grew up loving Led Zeppelin and […]

Diaspora Magazine. April 2001

An interview with Riley Lee in April 2001, largely about TaikOz, Australia’s taiko group co-founded by Riley Lee and Ian Cleworth in 1996. TaikOz was soon to perform for the first time in Japan. I […]