About the members area

This area has been a part of my websites for over a decade. It has always been and remains hidden without a password. There is a one-off AUS$20 fee for the password to this area. The fee helps to pay for the upkeep of this website, for the time it takes to make the recordings, etc.

The members area contains downloads for:

  • Over fifty recordings of Chikuho honkyoku as taught to me by the second head of the Chikuho lineage, Sakai Chikuho II, min’yô (folksongs) and a number of other pieces. All recordings are on a 1.8 shakuhachi. I will be adding more recordings on a regular basis.
  • Over eighty scores of Chikuho honkyoku.
  • Chikuho fingering charts and beginners exercises.
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